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Only $9. - 1 Ticket to Metal Divas Fest 1 + 1 Free CD Offer

METAL DIVAS FEST I - Protokult, Märchenbilder, At Dawn's Edge, Psycho Mad Sally
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FACE OFF - The Colour of Rain [Digipak]

European female-fronted metal band FACE OFF storm out of the gate with excellent song writing, and powerful riffs on their debut album “The Colour of Rain". Crank up the volume, and FACE OFF will deliver a knockout punch with 9 tracks of pure doom / power metal with just a touch of goth !

With Marija Kovacevic’s hauntingly melodic voice there is a striking contrast to the thundering rhythms and distorted chaos, produced by the other four members of the band. The guitars play a pivotal role in the recording, and help drive each track forward. With many different tempo changes, the drums, bass & guitars add power and variety to the mix, creating an epic wall of sound. FACE OFF bring to the table a refreshingly new sound to the melodic metal genre, and the music reminds us of a metallized version of Evanescence.

Featured Album on Sonic Cathedral Webzine "Where Women of Metal Rock" and "Best Albums of 2013" on Female-fronted Rock Webzine !

"This one is for the heavy metal heads, you want your guitars loud and penetrating, this is for you. You want sounds to wake the dead, step right up." (10/10) - Sonic Cathedral Webzine (USA)

“Face Off are a cut above the usual, they mix this soothing gothic vocal metal delivery with some impressive guitar riffs that are going to get your attention. A mix of heavy alternative and melodic metal.”
- Wicked Channel Webzine (USA)

“I get a heavier Tool feeling when I listen to this. Or a Paramore that has dropped all pop aspirations and gone all heavy metal on us.”
- Battle Helm Webzine (se)

"...This album is worthy of a place in any Rock fan's album collection..."
- Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music (uk)

The CD digipak includes a 10 page booklet with lyrics, and outstanding artwork - “a very professional package, with amazing sound production”

RIYL – Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Within Temptation

View the official video for their break-out single "Fragile" on YouTube!

TRACK LISTING – approx. Running Time: 43 min.

1. The Colour of Rain
2. Dream Chamber
3. Close Enough
4. War Against War
5. The Innocence
6. Voices
7. Fragile
8. Lost In Translation
9. The End

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