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KORPIUS - Shades Of Black (MMR004) 2011 "Sizzling Hot Sale"

Image of KORPIUS - Shades Of Black (MMR004) 2011  "Sizzling Hot Sale"

$3.98 - On Sale

"Top 10 Death and Death/Black Metal Albums of 2011" - INFERNAL MASQUERADE 'Zine (US)

"BEST DEATH METAL BAND in Quebec" - Poll promoted by WTF Metal 'Zine Feb. 2012

Sample of the Reviews:

3 Points shy of a Potential Classic - 88/100!! "Prepare thyselves for one of the more intense, epic and great debut blackened death metal albums to come around in a while.[...]..this is a must have record for any self-respecting black / death metal freak..."

"Quebecker Blackened Death Metal mob Korpius unleash a torrent of furious brutality in insanity form with their first step up the career ladder, namely their debut full-length album 'Shades Of Black' taking flight. Evidently sounding similar to Behemoth, this may be Canada's answer to the Polish titans. Blistering blastbeats encased in a multitude of cosmetic riffs and verifying vocals, savaging the atmosphere with a maple syrup-laden knife. An exciting band with a bucket full of promising intention in every possible way, Korpius offer the way to the dark woods of North America." - Rhys Stevenson for TERRORIZER (uk) - rating: 9/10

"Every now and then a band comes along that you have zero expectations for and they blow you away. Korpius have done just that. [...] I see no reason why these guys couldn’t be on the par of say a Neuraxis or Fleshgod Apocalypse. "
- STEREO KILLER (us) - rating: 4/5 (Apr 13, 2011)

"The track 'The Final Charge' leaves no holds barred as it balances melody with aggression, and the growls with the shrieks for a great closing track that rips through like an Amon Amarth track."
- BRUTALISM (nl) (Apr 06, 2011)

KORPIUS was formed in Sherbrooke, QC in 2003 by guitarists Philippe d’Astous and Maxime Berriault, who share the lead vocal duties. The band is rounded out by Félix Lampron-Dandonneau on bass and Paul Côté-Bérard on drums. KORPIUS have released 2 EPs in the past: a 6 song self-titled EP, ‘Korpius’ in 2006, and the latter a 4 song EP entitled ‘Apocalyptic Vision’ was released by Cryogenic Records in 2007.

This quartet plays a blackened style of death metal, combining modern blast-beat brutality, progressive elements, epic riffs and melodic solos, to produce a fresh sound. The mix of guttural and high-pitched vocals sung at the same time is one of the distinctive trademarks of the band. KORPIUS show their versatility with a wide range of songs on this album, and that death metal can be musical while staying brutal and having that punch in your face.

KORPIUS have also carved a name for themselves as being a stellar force and a ‘must see Live act’ on the Quebec metal circuit over their short career, having already played with Despised Icon, Neuraxis, Krisiun, Belphagor, and many more.

‘Shades Of Black’ was self-produced by KORPIUS. The album was recorded and engineered between July and December 2010 by Philippe d’Astous at Cheriborg Studio in picturesque Orford, QC. The album was mixed and mastered by Mat Laperle at Red Dusk Studio, just outside of Montreal, Canada.

Track listing for ‘Shades Of Black’:
1. Shades of Black
2. On the Edge
3. Fury
4. Stigmatized
5. Awaking Terror
6. Disillusion
7. At the point of Death
8. Six Feet Deep
9. The Finale Charge

‘Awaking Terror’ has been selected for the first official Video to be directed by Chad Archibald of Black Fawn Films (Massive Slavery, Baptized In Blood, Blue Felix), and will coincide with the release of this album.

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