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DRAKARIUM - DrakariuM (Digipak CD 2015) or ASCENDIA - The Lion and the Jester (CD 2015)

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Image #2 - Album cover for ASCENDIA.
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DRAKARIUM - DrakariuM (Digipak CD 2015)

"Quebec prog power metallers, DRAKARIUM may be Canada’s best kept Secret!!"

DRAKARIUM'S self-titled EP is an epic power metal gem, that takes us on a journey back in time, and pays homage to the great masters of this genre, such as Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, HammerFall, and Helloween.

This album has it All for Power Metal fans, with powerful fluid drum and bass sections, beautiful and complex guitar melodies, enchanting keyboard passages, harmonious lyrics and really catchy vocal lines.2
Be mesmerized by the brilliant epic song structures, progressive neoclassical influences, technical instrumental skills, and lightning-fast guitar and keyboard solos.
Their guitar solos are incredibly fast just like Dragonforce and Stratovarius!
Highly recommended For All Fans of the European Power Metal Scene!

Rated in the Top 30 Power Metal Releases of 2015 by Headbangers Latino America Webzine (South America)!

“Drakarium play killer melodic power metal! If you are melodic power metal lovers, you will be blown away by their tunes!” – Japanese Distributor

Outstanding production and the beautiful cover artwork blend in very well with the power metal style.
Deluxe digipak contains an 8-page booklet with the lyrics and album credits.

Drakarium’s self-titled EP consists of five compositions inspired by the Japanese five elements of philosophy (arranged in this order on the album) Fire, Void, Earth, Water & Wind, and two short yet dreamy and appeasing keyboard instrumentals.

DrakariuM EP tracklist:
1. Prélude
2. Naine blanche
3. Néant
4. Interlude
5. Fleur de Lys
6. L'épave
7. Ecclésia

Jipi Brassard – Vocals & Guitar
Guillaume Duchesne – Lead guitar
Pio Vigneault - Keyboards
Phil Brassard - Bass
Alexandre L. Martin – Drums

Produced by Guillaume Duchesne
Music and Arrangements by Drakarium

ASCENDIA - The Lion & the Jester (CD 2015)
Toronto-based symphonic metal band, ASCENDIA have released their highly-anticipated debut album !
The Lion and the Jester is an outstanding album and is receiving great reviews & critical acclaim from the metal community.

"Ascendia’s mammoth sound spans the Atlantic, uniting elements of North American metal with a foundation rooted in the symphonic tradition of European metal, and is poised to appeal to even the most discerning genre purists."

"European style Symphonic metal band, with some speed, some chunk, and some cool ballads..and, to top it off, Ascendia has a top notch vocalist (this the Killswitch Engage comparison)"

"If you like bands like Kamelot, Serenity, and melodic Euro bands in that style, you are sure to like Ascendia"

RIYL: Symphony X, Kamelot, Angra, Pagan’s Mind, Serenity, Nightwish, Killswitch Engage, etc ...

Track listing: approx 60 min.
1. At the End of It All
2. Remember Me
3. Moonchild
4. Demon Eyes
5. Last Forever
6. No More Tales to Tell
7. Why Angels Cry
8. Faded Away
9. My Last Song
10. The Song That You Deserved
11. The Lion and the Jester
12. Starlit Eyes (Bonus Track)