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CRIMSON SUN - Towards the Light (CD MMR022, 2015) or CRIMSON SUN - The Border (EP MMR023, 2016)

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Image #2 - Album cover for 'Towards the Light'.
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CRIMSON SUN - Towards the Light (CD MMR022, 2015)

Amazing, Ultra-rare "10- out of 10" for CRIMSON SUN - "Towards the Light" on Finland's Leading Metal Webzine Imperiumi.
"There have been just 121, 10's or 10-'s out of almost 16,000 reviews on the site during its 13-year history, so this is a big deal." - Owner of Imperiumi, Mr Mape Ollila

Check out the Review:
"Oh boy what an album, the folks from Kotka threw in our faces a strong candidate for an album of the year and at least the strongest debut album this year!
The album is modern melodic metal, and the closest comparable artists could be Ayreon or STRATOVARIUS after TimoTolkki (guitars) left the band, but where Stratovarius' three latest albums have included some subpar songs, Crimson Sun gathers those brilliant ideas and garnishes them even further! I've tried my best to find some weaknesses from "Towards The Light", but I can't think of anything. Usually this would mean that the album is mediocre, but not this time: The album is so well made, that there's nothing to complain about.

The vocalist Sini Seppälä does everything just right finding all the right emotions on every song, from melancholic and atmospheric 'Memories Burning' to shipwrecking force of 'The Storm'. Composing relies on catchy hooks that grab you right away, but this album is something much more than just good choruses, and you could listen to it ten times a day still finding new depths to it. Every song works on its own and could be published as a single, but together they form an exceptionally tight package.

If you must find something to nag about, some of the songs seem a bit similiar and the second song 'Eye Of The Beholder' isn't exactly in the best spot right in between the two of the best songs of the album. On the other hand Powerwolf, Sabaton and many others have repeated their whole career with the same record, which are much different than 'Towards The Light', or a song that isn't as good as 'Awaken'.
In the era of streamin services you can also create your own playlists and move 'Eye of the Beholder' between, for example, 'Towards the Light' and 'The Herald'. If Arion's debut "Last of Us" in 2014 gathered praises, "Towards the Light" deserves the same, and even more." - Aleksi Peura

Discover a highly original sound in CRIMSON SUN, and with just one listen, you will know it's uniquely their own. Energetic, Intense and Heavy with very memorable hooks & melodies best describes this Finnish modern metal band’s new album ‘Towards the Light’. Their triumphant and mighty debut album, follows their highly praised EP ‘The Border’ from 2013. CRIMSON SUN has been described as "Kick-ass female fronted metal" with a modern approach, led by their sensational singer Sini Seppälä. Sini’s powerful and melodic voice dominate the album, but the guitar, bass & drums create a bone crushing heaviness to the music, and the keyboards add many catchy layers through out.

Mastered by Jacob Hansen (Epica, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear) in Denmark. Jacob has shared his comments on ‘Towards the Light’: “I really enjoyed the songs and the band. To me, this band could easily become ‘the Next Big Thing’! The song structures and overall sound is catchy, as well as being heavy. Fine tuning this combination could mean Big Business!”

RIYL – Amaranthe, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescence

Excellent production; and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Epica, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear) in Denmark.

Deluxe album artwork w/8-page booklet (lyrics and band photo). Great cover art by renowned Serbian artist Slobicus Doomicus.

TRACK LISTING – approx. running time 42 min.

1. The Storm
2. Eye of the Beholder
3. Awaken
4. Towards the Light
5. The Herald
6. Portrait of a Ghost
7. Enter the Silence
8. The Spark
9. Clockwork Heart
10. Memories Burning

Crimson Sun is:
Sini Seppälä - Vocals
Joni Junnila - Guitars
Jukka Jauhiainen - Bass
Miikka Hujanen - Keyboards
Antti Rantavuo - Drums

View CRIMSON SUN's videos at MMR's YouTube Channel!

CRIMSON SUN - The Border (EP 2016 Reissue, MMR023)

Quality CD pocket of highly acclaimed EP "The Border".
Excellent sound quality!

Four powerful tracks from Finnish quintet CRIMSON SUN, featuring All the band members that performed on their excellent 2015 full-length debut album "Towards the Light".

"Kick-ass female fronted metal at it's Finest!"
A must have for collectors of female fronted modern melodic metal!

View the video for 'Burned Away' streaming on Maple Metal Records YouTube Channel!

1. The Border (4:22)
2. Burned Away (3:56)
3. Pieces to Count (4:12)
4. The Fire Within (3:33)