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KÄLTER -Spiritual Angel (MMR010) or YOUR LAST WISH -Desolation (MMR014) Special Discount!

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Image #2 - Album cover for Your Last Wish.
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Re-release of KÄLTER's epic 2010 debut album !
Quebec melodic death metallers KÄLTER, may be Canada’s Best Kept Secret !!

‘Spiritual Angel’ is a progressive, melodic death metal gem, that has astounded the connoisseurs of metal and critics worldwide.

The band draws from the influences of Scandinavian metal bands like Children Of Bodom, incorporating melodic power riffs, folkloric elements, strong use of keys, and the same style of harsh vocals as their peers.
The music on 'Spiritual Angel' smells of Nordic efficiency, whether powerful orchestrations like Dimmu Borgir, or heavy use of keyboards, like the splendid synthesizer solos in "Darker by the Day" or "For the Last Time", worthy of Stratovarius.

'Spiritual Angel' is filled with beautiful arrangements ranging from magical guitar solos, brilliant lead keyboard work, progressive inventive drumming, and a stunning and epic vocal appearance from UNEXPECT's female singer 'Leilindel' on "Time Out of Mind."

'Spiritual Angel' was recorded in 2010 at Badass Studio (Neuraxis, Augury, Blackguard, Unexpect) in Montreal, QC and was produced by Jeff Fortin and KÄLTER.

Add to that a beautifully designed 12 page booklet, with lyrics, band photos, and album cover artwork by their compatriot Nicolas Francoeur. (Nordheim)

Get your hands on this epic masterpiece if you like bands like Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Kalmah, Wintersun, or Norther. This album is definitely for you !!

KÄLTER most recently performed last Fall at the Trois-Rivieres Metalfest 2011 with bands like Annihilator, Cavalera Conspiracy, Napalm Death, Atheist, Cryptopsy, Carnifex and many more. They have also shared the stage with bands like Kataklysm, Necronomicon, Catamenia, Blackguard and Norther.

Track Listing for ‘Spiritual Angel’ – Total Running Time 51 min.

1. Darker By The Day (9:30)
2. Time Out Of Mind (Featuring Leilindel From UNEXPECT) (6:05)
3. Of Tears and Blood (8:00)
4. Ashes (5:58)
5. From Now To Eternity (6:21)
6. Requiem (0:57)
7. For The Last Time (7:09)
8. Spiritual Angel (6:53)

Marc-André Lafrenière - Guitars & Vocals
Mathieu Plamondon - Guitars
Jean-François Racine - Keyboards
Louis-Antoine Pelletier - Bass
Lucas Biron – Drums (also with Nordheim)

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YOUR LAST WISH - Desolation (MMR014 - 2012)

Montreal's YOUR LAST WISH hit you with a smoldering slab of modern melodic death metal on their second studio album !
Desolation contains 11 killer tracks of pure aggression with elements of thrash, progressive riffs and black metal.

Lead by front-woman Roxana Bouchard, who switches easily from a black metal scream to guttural growls !

Note: YLW's lead guitarist David Gagné is shredding it up, as BLACKGUARD's session guitarist on their North American Fall Tour with FINNTROLL !

YOUR LAST WISH is practically as modern as a melodic death metal band can be, using 8 string guitars to achieve their desired crunching rhythm tones, and wicked guitar solos.

“Desolation has good production, good ideas, good riffs, and catchy titles !” – Musik Universe

RIYL: The Black Dalia Murder, melodic death thrash, etc.

Check-out their video for "Hastening Death" on YouTube !

The track listing for “Desolation”:
1. Intro
2. Crisis To Creation
3. Autistic Mind
4. Hastening Death
5. Le Pacte
6. Collision Course
7. Standstill
8. Creep
9. Experiments
10. Mutation
11. Desolation

Music : JF Gagné & Your Last Wish
Lyrics : Roxana Bouchard & JF Gagné
Guitars recorded by : Dave Gagné
Vocals, Bass & Drum recorded by : Jef Fortin @ Badass Studio
Mixing & Mastering by : Jef Fortin @ Badass Studio
Produced by : Your Last Wish
Cover art by : Bob Skelton
Pictures & Booklet : Mystère D'om
Guest Vocals on Standstill : Martin Lalonde

Roxana Bouchard - Vocals
JF Gagné - Guitars
Louis Goulet - Bass
Dave Gagné - Lead Guitar (HolloW)
Steven Vaccarella - Drums