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NORDHEIM - Lost In The North (2011 MMR005) or NORDHEIM - Refill (2013 - MMR013) Super SALE

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Image #2 - Album cover for 'Lost in the North'.
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"Quebec Winners - Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2015"

"BEST FOLK METAL BAND in Quebec" - Poll promoted by WTF Metal 'Zine Feb. 2012

NORDHEIM - Lost in the North (2011 - MMR005)

"NORDHEIM have released one of the best folk metal albums of the last few years. Tracks like LOST IN THE NORTH, FAR AWAY and SAILING THE DRAKKAR show the band in full strength and really could have been written and performed by anyone in the folk metal scene they’re that good." - MYGLOBALMIND Webzine (rating: 8/10)

"Lost in the North' is definitely one of the finest works in folk metal you can dream of listening! If you like this genre even a little bit then you’ll go wild with NORDHEIM, especially if you like bands like KORPIKLAANI." BEHIND THE VEIL(gr) (rating: 8.5/10)

"Discover a sound you've never heard before. NORDHEIM mix the elements of Viking/Folk/Death and Black metal to create a classic, melodic yet brutal, and entertaining album. If you're into Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Turisas or Wintersun, STOP LOOKING, because this album is for YOU!"

MMR has released worldwide Quebec Viking/folk metallers NORDHEIM's debut album 'Lost In The North' on Oct. 31st.

The album was produced at MGL Studios, Qubec City, by Maxime and contains '10 very powerful and epic songs, performed with a festive spirit'. The mastering was handled by Jean-Francois Dagenais (KATAKLYSM). The album cover was designed by Nicolas Francoeur (KÄLTER, FARSIGHT) and can be viewed below.

"Lost In The North" track listing:

01. Lost In The North
02. Nightborn
03. Far Away
04. Beer, Metal, Trolls And Vomit
05. Promise To The Gods
06. Glorious March
07. Sailing The Drakkar
08. Old Crazy Man
09. Beyond The Howling North
10. Blessing From The Stars


Warraxe - Vocals and Guitar
Fred - Guitar
Benfok - Bass
Phil Poul - Drums
Thom - Keyboards

CD Features an 8 pg. Booklet w/ lyrics and band photos.
Total Running Time: 43 min.

LOOK for the Hit Song 'Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit!' to be released for gameplay on Rockband 3, via the Xbox 360 & PS3 platforms in late Dec. !!

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NORDHEIM - Refill (2013 - MMR013)

Epic Folk metallers, NORDHEIM’s sophomore release to their critically acclaimed debut album “Lost in the North” in 2010. On their new album “REFILL” the NORDHEIM trolls once again hit the listener with their creative, aggressive tunes, and folkloric melodies, that will leave you headbanging, and humming to for years !
NORDHEIM once again mix a combination of metal genres like Folk, Black, and Thrash metal to create a powerful & crushing, but very entertaining album.

On “REFILL”, NORDHEIM flex their muscles to give the listener 9 epic folk metal classics, performed with a festive spirit !
Even Norway’s TROLLFEST get in on the fun, to lend their gang vocals on the choruses of Nordheim’s new single “Get Drunk or Die Tryin” !

NORDHEIM were just voted "BEST FOLK METAL BAND" in Quebec, Canada in 2012 by their feverish fans !

Recorded in the Winter of 2012-13 at Badass Studio and produced by Jeff Fortin (Blackguard, Kälter, Unexpect, Neuraxis). Cover art by Nicolas Francoeur from Vorace-Art.

TRACK LISTING – Running Time 41 min

1. OV Frost and Ice
2. Mask of the Banned One
3. Get Drunk or Die Tryin’
4. Watch the Raven Die
5. Under a Crying Storm
6. The Grief
7. Winter’s Dawn
8. As Shadows Pass By
9. Soulblood


Warraxe - Vocals and Rythm Guitars
Fred - Lead Guitars
BenFok - Bass and Backing Vocals
Thom - Keyboards
Lukas - Drums