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LADY BEAST II (Digipak CD 2015) or ODIUM - Terraform (CD 2015) NEW IN STOCK - MMR Distribution!

$6.98 - On Sale

ONE ALBUM per $6.98 Order - Just message which Album to send in the Info / Contact Box to the bottom right!
Image #2 - Album cover for ODIUM.
For Both CDs, just order in 2 Lots; and message (in the Info / Contact Box to the bottom right) that you require one of each Band's album.

"Lady Beast II is a throwback to the days of the New World of British Heavy Metal in the vein of Iron Maiden's early work but with a phenomenal female lead vocalist by the name of Deborah Levine, and at times Ronnie James Dio type lyrics." - Sleeze Roxx

"Classic early 80's metal with some modern FFOBR vibes, make this a headbanging classic!"

"Awesome female-fronted US METAL mixed with NWOBHM, influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Warlock (Doro), Tokyo Blade, DIO, Judas Priest, etc.
LADY BEAST are part of the NWOTHM !"

Comes in a deluxe Digipak CD!

1.Heavy Metal Destiny
2.We Are the Witches
3.Bind the Runes
4.Caged Fury
5.Heroes of Our Time
6.Frost Giant's Daughter
7.Forest of the Impaled
8.Lose to Win

Canada's ODIUM deliver eleven punishing & haunting tracks of Melodic Death Metal, on par with All the great albums & artists of this Genre!

“The songs on this album are what you’d expect from a fantastic Metal band. Songs like ‘The Cell’ and ‘Redemption’ are the essence of Metal and the tip of the anarchist iceberg. Overall, ‘Terraform’, is a brilliant album that’s full of neck breaking explosions and hair tangling insanity.” – 925 Rebellion

Track Listing:
1. Odyssey (2:26)
2. Feral Inversion (5:04)
3. Centipedes (3:43)
4. Return to Form (4:26)
5. Delusion (4:18)
6. Dead (4:16)
7. Failure II (4:17)
8. Obsolete (4:46)
9. The Cell (4:48)
10. Redemption (3:48)
11. Displacement of Hope (6:00)
Album Length: 47:57

Andrew Fullerton – Vocals
Bo Louther – Guitars
Marc Dobson – Guitars
Jake Fortney – Bass
Joe Mullen – Drums

Deluxe CD jewel case with band photo & Lyrics.
Modern state of the art production.

Album Credits:
– All songs written, arranged, performed, and produced by Odium
– Lyrics by Andrew Fullerton and Bo Louther
– Guitars, bass, and drums recorded by Joe Mullen at Joedown Studios, Hanover, Ontario
– Vocals recorded by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios, Brampton, Ontario
– Mixed and mastered by Greg Dawson
– Piano, strings, and sound design by Bo Louther
– Guest solo on “The Cell” by Greg Dawson
– Artwork by Mikio Murakami at Silent Q Design