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REASONS BEHIND - ‘The Alpha Memory' (CD 2014) or TOTHEM - 'Beyond the Sea' (Digipak 2013) ON SALE!

$3.98 - On Sale

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Image #2 - Album cover for TOTHEM.
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REASONS BEHIND - The Alpha Memory

Masterfully Produced by Olaf Thörsen (guitarist & mastermind of Vision Divine and Labyrinth)
Powereful mix, mastered at 16th Cellar Studio, Rome, Italy (Fleshgod Apocalypse)
Magnificent artwork incl. 16 page deluxe booklet with band photos by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Amaranthe, Angra, Kamelot,

‘The Alpha Memory’ Review by Ravenheart Webzine: (9.5/10)

- This is flippin' good. 'Under The Surface' is the first track proper and delivers a WOW FACTOR of 10!
- Other totally magical and bombastic tracks include everything that is on this record to be honest!
- The vocals of Elisa are so angelic at times, and the remainder of the band deserves an Oscar.
- The key to a good record is if times flies by while you are listening to it, then it is orgasmatronically good - this is orgasmatronically good!... - Raveheart Webzine (Oct. 24, 2014)

"The tracks are very well constructed and have some great elements intertwined within them...there are a lot of good things to discover and to satisfy your Symphonic (Power)/ Melodic Metal appetite. A very solid album indeed, Highly Recommended listening ..... 9/10!" Black Phoenix Rising

“The Alpha Memory’ is an absolute masterpiece in symphonic power metal, and will delight fans of this genre for many years to come!”

RIYL: Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, Amaranthe, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Rhapsody of Fire, Dream Theater

Watch out for their official video of 'With Your Light' coming soon in Nov.!

TRACK LISTING – total run time approx 42 min.
01. A Broken Melody
02. Under The Surface
03. The Chemical Theater
04. With Your Light
05. Starlight In The Shades
06. On Butterfly Wings
07. The Ghost Under My Skin
08. 1000 Fading Lives
09. The Alpha Memory
10. In The End?

Reasons Behind is:
Ely - Vocals
Gabri - Guitars
Dige – Keyboards, Piano
Enrico Goya - Bass
Riccardo – Drums

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TOTHEM - Beyond The Sea (deluxe Digipak)

Symphonic gothic metallers TOTHEM are considered by the international critics as one of the most talented and promising bands of the Italian and
international melodic metal scene.

Track listing - running time 50 min.
1. Run to You
2. Smile Again
3. This is the Time
4. Light of Soul
5. Rescue
6. Beyond the Sea
7. Fight With You
8. The Witch
9. So Close So Far Away
10. Cross the Line
11. Still
12. Where the Angels Lie


Roslen - Vocals
Black Cyril - Guitars and backing vocals
Marco - Keyboards
Leo - Bass
Andrea ‘The Joker’ - Drums

“Beyond the Sea takes things to whole new level for this young band. The pounding drums lead into the rumbling guitar of the opener, “Run to You”. Lead vocalist Roslen is quite impressive as she alternates between a clean metal voice and an operatic style. Musically, Tothem is very much a guitar driven band. “Smile Again” is next and starts off with a serene piano intro and leads into some more heavy riffing. This song has a chorus that is undeniably catchy as hell. This would be a great choice for the next single, in my opinion. The overall production on “Beyond the Sea” is so sharp and crisp. The songs are definitely well written and Roslen has the right mixture between operatic and a more melodic style – she never overdoes it and is a huge asset for Tothem. “This is the Time” is another fantastic song and a pure highlight. “Light of Soul” is a stirring ballad and packed with plenty of emotion. “Rescue”, “Beyond the Sea” and “The Witch” maintains a high level on the CD and the closing number “Where Angels Lie” is a good way to end things. “Beyond the Sea” maintains its consistency throughout the 49-minutes worth of playing time." - Tony Cannella (Femme Metal Webzine)

"In perfect unison ravishing Roslen can change her vocal style without blinking, from Amy Lee alternative, to Sharon Den Adel semi operatic, to Tarja soprano, to all points between, from innocent child to grand opera dame. The songs sail from light reflection to rocking up a storm to operatic grandeur, making for an absorbing listening experience. They don't mess about with an intro, but launch into the raging riffage of opener 'Run to You', they then assail you with the more lilting lyrical but still powerful numbers 'Smile Again', and 'Still', big power ballads 'Light of Soul' and 'So Close So Far Away', songs that are a touch more 'folky' 'This is the Time' and lead single 'The Witch', mini epics that run the gamut 'Fight With You' and title song 'Beyond the Sea', and the catchy rocking 'Cross The Line', probably my favourite tune. The eastern flavoured track 'Where the Angels Lie' closes out the opus. The sound is good and well produced but a bit guitar heavy which stops it from becoming fully symphonic. Tothem have set sail with a terrific well crafted album that is sure to find an anchorage in the harbours of all discerning metal fans." - Ravenheart Webzine

‘Beyond the Sea’ was produced by the band in the summer of 2012 at MM Studio in Rome, and mastered by Creative Mastering in Forli, Italy.

Digipak artwork was beautifully designed by Adhiira Art in Rome.

Check-out the official video for "Run to You", the lead off track to 'Beyond the Sea’; and "Smile Again" streaming on YouTube !