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YONDER REALM - The Old Ways (CD); or Beyond A Long Lost World (EP) -IN STOCK; ORDER NOW!!

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Image #2 - Album cover for "Beyond A Long Lost World".
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YONDER REALM - The Old Ways (CD full-length)

From Long Island, New York, Yonder Realm unleashes the soothing sounds of your celtic instruments with an unrelenting power of your modern wave of metal. The band fuses elements of melodic death metal, black metal, folk music and classical music all in one, creating an epic sound that’s so distinct, it truly sets itself apart from every other metal band out there!

"The Old Ways contains ten amazing epic tracks of pure North American Folk Metal mayhem!"

"New York States #1 Epic Metal/Folk Metal Band!"

“They remind me of an American version of Ensiferum (Finland)…Production wise this is spot on, with a perfect blend of grit and subtle tonality. Plenty of tasty riffs with a dash of folk instrumentation are the magic ingredients for Yonder Realm, and I am huge fan of it because at the end of the day I want metal with some folk flavor and not the other way around.” – Folk-Metal (NL) rating: 9/10.

“Keyboardist and violinist Dana Lengel really is the differentiating factor here with soulful contributions in every song, completing already great compositions with perfect touches of keys and strings adding to the triumphant feeling of the songs. Tim Read (Trollgasm) also contributes some mandolin to further the folk fest along.” - Folk-Metal (NL)

“All of the tracks here need to be listened to so don’t make the mistake of just listening to someone’s favorites because they said so…but if I had to choose my favorites they would include ‘Crows’ and ‘The Pillars Of Creation’ not only musically but lyrically.
So make sure you get the words so you can sing along and really appreciate these songs for what they are…heroic, epic tales remembering times long ago and longing for a return to The Old Ways, a perfect title for one of my favorite albums of the year (2014).” – Folk-Metal (NL)

“The way Yonder Realm weaves together the folk melodies with the black metal elements (commonly associated with the folk metal genre) is fantastic. The brutal sound mixing in with the uplifting melodies made for some great, catchy tunes.” - Music Reviews Webzine (rating: 71/100)

CD features deluxe 8 page booklet, with band photo & lyrics. Album cover artwork painting by Chris Maggio.


YONDER REALM - Beyond A Long Lost World

Masterpiece Folk Metal EP, re-released by Maple Metal Records in 11/2015.
Mastered by Bill Henderson.
All album artwork by Gragoth; includes band photo, & lyrics.
Running time - 32 min.

1. An Oath
2. By the Fangs That Weep
3. The Mystic
4. Nemeton (The Realm of Suffering)
5. The Lindow Song
6. To Never Return

'For those of you who are addicted to “The Old Ways”(Yonder Realm’s first full length and 2014 top 10 album for me) and are not familiar with this release, it is what I would call a “no-brainer” that you should have this in your collection. The same catchy riffs, brutal tempos and folky touches are here as they have always been in the Yonder Realm sound. This EP is a little “rougher around the edges” so to speak, maybe a little more thrash oriented and less folky than “The Old Ways” and simpler in song structure and style, which is exactly why you should grab this. Whether you have heard it before or not, visiting this is what makes Yonder Realm great….if you didn’t know any better you could even think this is a brand new release and not one from 4 years ago. It is like Yonder Realm just dropped out of the sky with their sound and didn’t really have a period of getting to their sound thru the trial and error of a few releases. If anything in listening to this, you will hear the maturity of their sound from this release to “The Old Ways”, not gigantic leaps but progression in venturing into new song styles and writing on a more other worldly level. From the opening of “An Oath” to the epic EP closer “To Never Return”, Yonder Realm has created material that is a necessity in a multitude of different metal heads collections, be you into folk, thrash or anything in between.
Thanks Maple Metal for getting this out there for everyone to enjoy. Yonder Realm has always used the tag of “Cosmic Folk Metal” which after listening to this again seems even stronger than ever… now, excuse me while I board the mothership to other side of the universe.' - FOLK METAL (nl)